Sassafras Tea

Pappy’s Sassafras Tea Facts: 

CONTENTS: Filtered Water extractives of sassafras (SAFROLE FREE) and natural flavors. Caramel coloring. Potassium sorbate as preservative. Very low sodium  (Less than 15mg per fl.-oz.), O Carbohydrates, Fat Free, Caffeine Free and Sugar Free.

America’s Original Tea And Health Beverage
Now Comes to You in Instant Form!

With Pappy’s Instant Sassafras Tea Concentrate, you can make a perfect cup of healthful, refreshing tea in seconds! And, Pappy’s is extracted only from choice natural Sassafras bark. Pappy’s is an instant tea concentrate, so each 12 oz. bottle makes 12 refreshing cups of tea, just by adding water.

Pappy’s Sassafras tea concentrate is an excellent Atkins Diet friendly drink because it contains 0 Carbohydrates, Less than One Calorie per serving and is Caffeine Free. Pappy’s Sassafras Tea offers dieters a great alternative Low Carb drink to enjoy with their Low Carbohydrate foods. You can enjoy its aromatic flavor any time, day or night. Learn for yourself how down right satisfying this tasty brew can be.

So, for the lift that never lets you down, buy Pappy’s instant Sassafras Tea the only one available in instant form!

It All Happened This Way…

About 1512, Ponce de Leon and a bunch of fellows were looking up and down Florida coast searching for the “Fountain of Youth.” Of Course they didn’t find it, but they sure discovered something a whole lot better, Ponce and his followers discovered Sassafras.

Sassafras soon became a sort of sulfanilamide-penicillin-streptomycin to the folks in Europe. Now we sure don’t make these claims, but we do say that Sassafras makes a very delicious drink, Hot or Iced!

When the news of Sassafras got around, you can well imagine why it became number one in everybody’s hit parade. In the 16th century, the government did not have cost restrictions, so the price of Sassafras sky rocketed to $4.00 per pound!

Soon the whole ocean was swarming with Sassafras seekers. Sir Walter Raleigh, Champlain, Captain Smith, Winthrop, Martin Pring and William Penn just to name a few who brought home a winner. Lucky thing for us too, because these fellows did a heap of exploring and discovering in the process. So we can really say that Sassafras Tea is a beverage that helped shape the history of the world. From P. DeLeon in 1512 to the American Indians, from the early pioneers to today’s modern people, Sassafras tea is still Americas Original Tea.