Serve It Hot!

Just add 1oz.of concentrated tea to a cup of boiling water and this stimulating, healthful drink is yours in an instant.  If you wish, add natural sugar or honey. (Cream or lemon is tasty, too.)


Serve It Cold!

Add 1 and a 1/2oz of concentrated tea to a glass of water.  A truly sensational hot weather pickup!  It satisfies without filling you up and never has a bitter aftertaste or annoying afterthirst.


Serve It Gourmet Style!

Pour a 12 oz. bottle of Pappy’s concentrate into a pan.  Bring to the first sight of steam, then pour over a 2 quart pitcher of ice.  Fill with water.  Serve over Ice and enjoy a cool refreshing one calorie, no caffeine iced tea. (Mint or lemon may be used for variation of flavor.)