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Come “Taste the Tradition” from our family to yours, with our Pappy’s Sassafras, Green, Raspberry and NEW “PEACH TEA” Concentrates. Pappy’s Sassafras Tea is steeped in family history as we have been brewing it since 1962. Still brewed the old fashion way from sassafras root bark (Sassafras albidum). Pappy’s Sassafras Tea is also very healthy for you as it is Safrole Free, Caffeine Free, Sugar Free, contains 0 Carbohydrates and Less than 1 Calorie per serving!Pappy’s Green Tea is Sugar Free, loaded with 105 mg of healthful Antioxidants, 0 Carbohydrates and Less than 1 Calorie per serving.Pappy’s NEW Peach Tea and Raspberry Teas concentrates also contains healthful Antioxidants, 0 Carbohydrates, Less than 1 Calorie per serving and is Sugar Free.Also, all of our Teas are Gluten Free!!!!The memories of the “Good Ole Days” are also “preserved” in each delicious bite of our old fashion, homemade Pappy’s Sassafras and Raspberry Jelly. Pappy’s Sassafras and Raspberry Jellies will compliment any morning breakfast and contain 0 Trans Fat. Pappy’s Sassafras Jelly is also a favorite among chefs for glazing their HOLIDAY HAMS.The facts are: Pappy’s Sassafras, Green, Raspberry, and Peach Teas are liquid concentrates, thus one 12-oz. bottle provides 12 instantly refreshing cups of tea (hot or iced) just by adding water. With Pappy’s there is no work, no mess and no tea bags to wring-out or discard!

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“How to make Pappy’s Teas”

Pappy’s Sassafras, Green, Raspberry, and Peach Teas also make great low carb beverages (0 Carbs) to compliment dieters with their low carbohydrate foods. Pappy’s Sassafras, Peach and Raspberry Teas are excellent when poured directly over ice cream. Blend Pappy’s Peach and Raspberry Tea concentrates with ice and your favorite liquor for a delicious and refreshing Peach and Raspberry Smoothie.

Ask for Pappy’s Sassafras, Green, Raspberry, and Peach Tea concentrates and Jellies when visiting your local grocer or order online direct. Pappy’s Sassafras, Green, Peach and Raspberry Tea concentrates are offered at the same price and prepared in the same manner for your convenience!!

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