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America’s Original Tea And Health Beverage Now Comes to You in Instant Form!

Green Tea

Contains beneficial antioxidants to help protect your general health!

Raspberry Tea

Black tea infused with natural and artificial flavors to deliver the hardiest peach taste with a refreshing hint of tea.

Peach Tea

The simple perfection of natural extractives of black tea infused natural and artificial peach flavors.

Our History

Hermie Kerner first started the Pappy’s Sassafras Tea business in 1962. Over the years we have grown with demand to expand from a novelty to national distribution and key part of a bartender's tool kit.

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From the standard drink mixer to adding great flavor to meals and baked good, Pappy's Sassafras Tea has a wealth of uses in the kitchen.

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At Pappy's we offer several variety's of teas and products to quench your thirst and thrill your tastebuds. 


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