Green Tea

Pappy’s Green Tea Facts: 

CONTENTS: Filtered Water, All natural extracts of green tea. Potassium sorbate as preservative. Very low sodium (less than 15mg per fl. oz.), 0 Carbohydrates, Fat Free and Sugar Free. Contains Caffeine.

The Worlds Original Health Beverage Now Comes to You In Instant Form!

Pappy’s Green Tea Instant Liquid Concentrate contains beneficial antioxidants for fighting the body’s free radicals to help protect your general health!

Aids in providing protection against cardiovascular diseases!

The Orients’ Health Secret!!!

Green Tea (Camelia sinensis) has been consumed throughout Asia for almost 4,000 years. Today, Tea and especially Green Tea is second in consumption only to water throughout the world. While Green Tea has always been believed to hold medicinal values, the reasoning’s for its derived health benefits have only come to “light” in recent times.

What’s the secret on Green Tea? Green Tea is charged with active natural ingredients called polyphenols, which are known to be powerful antioxidants.

Antioxidants fight your body’s free radicals, the chemicals that are now believed to be linked to destroying cell DNA that leads to many types of cancer. Antioxidants help block cancer by preventing damage to cell DNA.

Green Tea also helps support a healthy cardiovascular system. While Green Tea is no substitute for physical fitness, used in conjunction with regular exercise can aid in maintaining a healthy heart. Studies have shown Green Tea reduces platelet aggregation (blockage), lowers cholesterol, and decreases blood pressure.

Why Pappy’s Green Tea Instant Concentrate? Pappy’s Green Tea Concentrate is packed with 105mg of antioxidants and less than 1 calorie per serving. Every bottle of Pappy’s Green Tea Concentrate is brewed from 100% all-natural Green Tea extract. Pappy’s Green Tea Concentrate can also satisfy your thirst as an Atkins Diet friendly drink, because it contains 0 Carbohydrates and is Sugar free. Pappy’s Green Tea offers dieters an excellent Low Carb drink to compliment their Low Carbohydrate foods.  When you enjoy a cup or glass of Pappy’s Green Tea you will also never detect a bitter after-taste, cloudiness or left over residues that is associated with traditional bagged tea’s. So ask yourself, if you would not accept these qualities from your favorite wine, why should you from your tea? So, enjoy Pappy’s Instant Green Tea Concentrate for the lift that never lets you down!!